"Think Fragrance, Think DM Fragrance"

It all started out with a passion when the owner himself used to be a fragrance collector since 2007. During high school, he would literally skip school, head to the mall just to smell fragrance for both men and ladies. Since then, all he gifted friends and family was perfume. This boy was well known in his small town and whenever they think of fragrance its always Him.

Apart from going to the mall, he has an uncle which lives in France. Ocassionally, when he returns back to Malaysia for the holidays, his favourite uncle would defintely buy perfumes back from France. That's when the passion grew. At times, he would even take his mums perfume and smell it just to let the smell linger around. As he grew, he started doing his survey, reading articles and blog and watched youtube video. 

Slowly, he began to capture scent notes in each perfume collection he had.

Fast forward in 2020, the owner decided to upgrade his passion into business. He decided to follow his uncle back to France to survey more about perfumery and to meet few suppliers. 

 Now in 2021, he has collected about 300++ bottles of perfume of different various scent. Then, he decided to take up an online course about perfumery and manufacturing.

Founded in 2021, DM Fragrance is now Malaysia's no 1 fragrance choice. We stock over 20,000 brand name authentic fragrances. Our selection contains the newest releases, the most popular celebrity scents, classic favorites and hard to find discontinued perfumes, all available at an affordable price.

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